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s-braces1We began our search for an orthodontist many years ago for Sarah. We visited four different reputable doctors and had no doubt Dr. Snead was the one for our family. Dr. Snead is personable and is great with the kids. The girls in the office are nurturing and always so very friendly. The payments are easy and the staff is very knowledgeable so that the outcome produces a lifetime of smiles with beautiful teeth. We are in our third set of braces now and have not looked back. We refer all of our friends to Dr. Snead because we know they will receive the same great care and never hear, "I don't want to go to the orthodontist!"

- Beth (Realtor)

It has been a pleasure receiving orthodontic treatment from Dr. Daniel Snead and staff. Living in a neighboring city and receiving treatment as a whole family, Dr. Snead’s staff always worked with us to schedule appointments together, and we were never late for another appointment after leaving Dr. Snead’s office. They are truly the most efficient, professional and friendly medical office we have visited in the Tallahassee area. Two Photos Available: Two photos are available of Betsy Kate, Will, and me (with our "new" smiles). You are welcome to use one of them if you would like to. Thank you and I hope this helps. Merry Christmas to everyone in your office!

- Kim

My dentist recommended Daniel Snead Orthodontist. I’m an older patient so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Dr. Snead and his staff are wonderful! They are very courteous, friendly, accommodating and professional. They really take the time to make each patient feel special. They explain all the processes and what to expect during each stage. The office offers a variety of payment options, plus they have a website so making payments are easy and convenient. I have about three month left wearing braces, and I am really amazed at the results. If you are thinking about braces, I would highly recommend Dr. Snead. Thank you Dr. Snead and staff for making this a pleasant experience.

- Hajrah

My children love Dr. Snead and The Girls. I am so happy with Jessica's beautiful teeth. Justin is still in braces, but everything is looking good. I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing your talent God blessed you with.

- Maryanne and Family

BOTH of my daughters had wonderful experiences with Dr. Snead AND his staff.  We would love to be a part of anything to show our appreciation.

- Sharon

Nikki and I love Dr. Snead's office.  It is so organized, friendly and professional. Dr. Snead, his wife and all the staff have made us feel right at home. We love how they communicate with us and keep us informed on appointments, Nikki's progress and if any changes have occurred. I love their office so much that I wish I worked there. You guys are awesome! You made something that could have been stressful actually become fun. We feel secure in Dr. Snead's hands!

- Valerie

Mackenzie has a beautiful smile now thanks to Dr. Snead! We love you, too!

- Mackenzie and Family

We love the girls at Dr. Snead's office and not to mention the man himself, Dr. Snead. You are all a great bunch, and we have enjoyed our visits over the years keeping a check on Maggie's progress. Maggie can't wait to transform her smile, although I think she is perfect, I support the change. See you at her next appointment! Good luck with the fan likes!

- Katina

This is just to say we love y’all and will always remember the kind, considerate and personal treatment we have received throughout the years. It is so awesome to see Taylor smile again. Thank you so much.

- Renee, Noel and Taylor

“I Love U Guys"

- Ray Alexander

AWESOME ORTHODONTIST WITH AND AWESOME STAFF! I would send my daughter to NO ONE else in Tallahassee!!!

- Charlie Daniels

I concur....we drove all the way from Fayetteville NC for a year because we could not find anyone to compare!!!! You guys are the best!

- Trisha Guy and Family

Its been 4 years since Dr. Snead did my braces. U loved goin in there.

- Katie Sadler

I just wanted to come say thank you because now I have a beautiful smile all thanks to you.

- Rachel Lark

Thank You Dr. Snead and Mrs. Tracy!

- Travis Lago

WOW! Dr Snead did my braces 34 years ago!!!!

- Janet Foran

Thank you Dr. Snead!!!!

- Taylor Youngblood

Thanks for everything Miss Brenda and Dr. Snead!

- Corinn Fitzgerald

Dr. Snead & "the girls" are the GREATEST! I became a patient 15 years ago...& I'm back in braces now due to jaw surgery. When it comes down to outstanding care, there is no one I trust more than the "Braces" team! You have all taken such good care of me over the years & have become like family! Ms. Brenda- remind Dr. Snead that I'm ready to negotiate that removal date! HA HA!!!

- Lauren Gilmore

We love you guys!!

- Christie Ward

You guys are the Best!!

- Traci Hopkins

Thank to Dr. Snead and Mrs. Tracy my teeth are getting straighter and straighter everyday. My friends are already complementing me and I’m not near the end of them thank you" (:

- Travis Lago

We would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Snead to anyone needing Braces... I used Dr. Snead about 28yrs ago myself and he got to treat my son.. He and his staff are 2nd to none... Hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas...

- Derek Aultman and Family

Dr. Snead and his staff give excellent attention to being professional and very friendly. We really appreciate the personal attention they show EVERY time we visit. The office and it's atmosphere is extremely inviting and calming.....

Thank You Dr. Daniel Snead for taking us on even when other Orthodontics wouldn't see us...YOU ROCK!

- Catrelia Davis

It has been awhile since we were there but what you said is all true. Great staff and always felt like I (we) were in the company of good friends.

- The Guy Family

Miss you guys, but not the adjustments:-)

- Deborah Lawson

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